15 Best Day Trips From Barcelona, Spain

Montserrat Spain
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There are various types of travelers. There are travelers who travel to attend events, travelers who take a tour at a destination for food, business travelers, and more. Tourists can also be classified into those who take the day trips and those who are into the nightlife scene.

Most of the time, especially when you are traveling with kids, day trips are the preferred option. Many restaurants are open in the day, letting you experience the cuisine in the country you are in. Taking trips during the day also offers great opportunities for learning. Day trips are for those who want to attend travel-related seminars, visit a museum, or head over to a historical site. It is also a chance to learn new skills, as opposed to night trips that are usually about booze, partying, and 24-hour shops.

In this piece, we introduce the day trips Barcelona travelers love. Barcelona in Spain is a very exciting destination. Although Madrid is the Spanish capital city, Barcelona is touted as a seaside city worldwide characterized as being enchanting, with boundless culture, renowned architecture, world-class food scene, and many more.

A traveler’s trip to Barcelona, Spain will take them into highlight attractions that include the La Sagrada Família Basilica, the Museu Picasso, Montjuïc, Camp Nou, Las Ramblas, and so much more. This is why we gathered the best day trips Barcelona tourists have come to love. Without further ado, here are the most thrilling and exciting Barcelona day tours.

  1. Three Countries In One Day Small-Group Tour

The Three Countries In One Day Small-Group Tour is a bestselling day trip from Barcelona you can access at Get Your Guide.

What is in this day tour from Barcelona? This day trip from Barcelona, Spain, believe it or not, will take you to three countries within a day. You can take your trip to the medieval enclave of Bagà early in the day, take your lunch in France, and shop in Andorra. Do all these before you return to Spain, passing through renowned Montserrat en route.

This day tour from Barcelona takes 12 hours or half a day, starting from 7 a.m., with your live tour guide. Book your tour here.

  1. Girona And Costa Brava Private Tour With Lunch

While Spain’s Girona is provincial, Costa Brava consists of waters. It is the perfect choice for a day trip that has it all. This tour will let you discover the Medieval grandeur of Girona, its abundant Jewish heritage, plus the culture.

It also lets you unwind at Calella de Palafrugell, a fisherman’s village along the coast of Catalan, and see yourself enjoying a relaxing seaside meal. Book your tour here.

Girona Spain

  1. Medieval Villages And Volcanic Hiking Tour

The Medieval Villages and Volcanic Hiking day tour is also one of the sought-after day tours Barcelona travel enthusiasts love. Spanning nine hours with a tour guide plus the small group, this tour departs from Barcelona on a 1.5-hour trip aboard a minivan to La Garrotxa, home to the La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.

From here, you can see the Medieval villages. You will also be visiting a Romanesque church, hike, and head to Besalú where you will take your lunch. When the tour ends you will have learned a lot about the area. Book your tour here.

La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park

  1. Pyrenees Mountains Small-Group Tour 

Nature travelers to Spain always want to see the Pyrenees mountains. In this Barcelona day tour, you will be able to.

Among the experiences include wandering around the 900-year-old market in Vic, a Medieval town, strolling the streets of the village of Queralbs atop the Pyrenees, hiking, boarding a cable car, and so much more. Book your tour here.

Pyrenees Mountains

  1. Montserrat Hike, Wine Tasting, And Tapas From Barcelona 

This Barcelona day tour is one of the best Montserrat day trips from Barcelona, Spain. If you are a food connoisseur, at the same time, a very avid traveler, choose to take this day trip.

This 11-hour day trip includes your hike through the illustrious Montserrat Mountain, prior to enjoying your wine tasting plus a guided tour from Barcelona. You will be treated to the fascinating and joyous geography while taking a tour in a monastery. The reward is priceless: award-winning, sparkling glasses of wine. Book your tour here.

Montserrat Spain

  1. Girona And Costa Brava Small Group Trip From Barcelona 

One day trips from Barcelona require your energy to take in all the sights and experiences, so you should get your full sleep the night before. This 11-hour guided tour lets you uncover the magnificence of Catalonia via Girona and the Costa Brava. You will stroll through the historic streets of Girona, take yourself into the great village of Pals, plus you get to explore Costa Brava in the wonderful Calella de Palafrugell.

The highlights of this Barcelona day tour include the rich Girona city, the Arab baths, lunch in Calella Palafrugell, exploring the Costa Brava with the chance to swim and plunge into the Mediterranean waters, making this among the best day tours from Barcelona. Book your tour here.

Costa Brava

  1. Pyrenees: A-Day Hike With A Choice Of Three Levels

Tourists who are heading to a destination for nature travel like coming back to the place because of the refreshing benefits it gives upon their health. The one-day hike at the Pyrenees is one of the best.

You will get the opportunity of exploring the cultures of the French Pyrenees and that of the Spanish with the background of landscape and nature. Book your tour here.

Pyrenees Hike

  1. Tarragona & Sitges Small-Group Full-Day Tour

This Tarragona & Sitges Small-Group Full-Day Tour will include transportation, a free guidebook to Barcelona, a professional guide, lunch and drinks, your visit to the museums in Tarragona, and more.

Spain had a huge collaboration with the Roman empire back in the century. Travel down memory lane during when Roman gladiators roamed Earth in this full-day trip to Tarragona. Here, you can see the beautiful Roman aqueduct plus many other attractions. After lunch, you can spend your time in the afternoon relaxing by the sea at the laid-back Sitges. Book your tour here.

Tarragona Amphitheatre

  1. Salvador Dalí Tour From Barcelona With Hotel Pick Up

You can also enjoy the day with your drive through the stunning Costa Brava landscapes to get to know more about the famous Spanish personality, Salvador Dalí. See his works at the Dalí Museum with a small group of tourists. Hotel pick-up and drop-off are offered. Book your tour here.

Dali Museum

  1. PortAventura Theme Park Ticket & Transfer

If you consider yourself a fan of theme parks, you can head over to this day tour from Barcelona, featuring the PortAventura Theme Park. Tickets and transfers are included.

PortAventura is touted as the largest amusement park in Spain where you can take on a virtual tour through their themed locations, inspired by Imperial China, Aztec Mexico, the Med, and so much more. They also offer the thrilling ride at the Dragon Khan roller coaster, the Hurakan Condor free-falling ride, and more.

If you want to take it easier, you can choose from over 100 shows, including the 4D Sea Odyssey and Sésamo Parade. Or, take the roller coaster ride inspired by the Himalayas. The tour also will give you the chance to shop for souvenirs in 29 different shops.  Book your tour here.

PortAventura Theme Park

  1. PortAventura And Ferrari Land: Full-Day Trip

First-time travelers to Spain may want to try visiting PortAventura and Ferrari Land. Enjoy the experiences in this theme park with your memorable ride on the tallest and fastest accelerator in Europe. PortAventure features several themed locations, ideal for your little ones and the children at heart. Book your tour here.


  1. Montserrat Royal Basilica With Cog-Wheel Train Or Bus

The Montserrat Royal Basilica day tour in Spain lets you enjoy your day trip to the sacred Montserrat mountain, view paintings from renowned artists including El Greco and Picasso, see the Black Virgin, and listen to the L’Escolania, among Europe’s oldest boy’s choirs.

Despite the short duration of the trip, five hours, your spiritual journey in this day tour will be unlike any other. It already includes the transportation onboard an airconditioned bus, bilingual tour, tasting of various liquors, lunch, museum encounter, hotel pick-up and drop-off, and so much more. Book your tour here.


  1. Girona And Figueres Full-Day Tour

Girona is the birthplace of famous Spanish artist, Salvador Dalí, and in this tour, you do not just experience the birthplace, you also discover Medieval houses and see one of the most preserved Jewish quarters in this Western European country. Book your tour here.

Figueres Spain

  1. Montserrat & Cava Wineries Day Trip

Montserrat in Spain has a lot to offer, and this day trip lets you explore a Medieval winery, plus many other experiences.

Follow the tracks of pilgrims in this day tour from Barcelona, as you head over to the Santa Maria de Montserrat sanctuary to see the Holy Grotton prior to your trip to the winery. Book your tour here.


  1. Sailing Day Trip

Enjoy the views of Barcelona from the sea on this private sailboat for up to nine people. Relax on the boat or go for a dip in the Mediterranean Sea.  Book your tour here.

Barcelona boats


There is so much more to see in Barcelona, Spain so be sure to refer to our affiliate partner, the Get Your Guide website for more of these day trips.

What else are you waiting for? Hop into these best day trips from Barcelona! Prepare your luggage, reserve your flights, draft your itinerary, and invite your friends or relatives to join you on these one-of-a-kind trips from Barcelona. These are excursions from Barcelona that you do not want to miss.


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  1. Oh my, all these trips sound amazing. I would love to try them all because they seem equally fun!

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    One of the best and beautiful places in the world! Thank you for the photos and you brought us with you on this day trips. 🙂

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  5. Wow! Spain is a very beautiful country. Is Barcelona the capital of Spain? I wouldn’t want to come back if I was to visit.

    • Sally Pederson

      A lot of people think Barcelona is the capital, but it is not. Madrid is the capital city.

  6. Jasmine Martin

    I’ve always wanted to go to Barcelona and it’s so many things I’d love to do there to be honest. I think the top 2 things on my list are to check out the Pyrenees Mountains Small-Group Tour & the PortAventura And Ferrari Land.

  7. I want to go to all of these. I need to travel outside of the US at least once in my life.

    • Sally Pederson

      Yes, you definitely need to travel outside the US. There are countless amazing and beautiful places to visit (even if you don’t get to Spain).

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    I love the places. It’s true that traveling during the day is better than at night. My memorization of the place also works during the day than at night.

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  10. Amazing travel guide. Spain is such a beautiful place to visit and I would love to go once covid is over.

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  12. Aimee AMALA

    This came up at a perfect time, my partner and I are planning a trip to both Barcelona and Sitges, however we have been to the City of Barcelona before, so were looking to travel futher afield. Great post! Some wonderful ideas for holidays.

    • Sally Pederson

      Hopefully, I will have something posted for Sitges before you go. You should also go to Girona(north of Barcelona) if you haven’t been there yet. I don’t have an article about it yet, but it is on the to-do list.

  13. so much for my desire to visit Barcelona again! Great ways to spend some time!

  14. I went to Barcelona two years ago, omg I loved it!!! Amazing amazing city! I can’t wait to go back soon, can’t wait.

  15. My kids would definitely love the theme park. Some of my cousins have been in Barcelona and they said it was just gorgeous there, I’d love to go there someday too.

    • Sally Pederson

      Yes, it is possible. Barcelona is very close to the border of France and most people don’t even know that Andorra exists.

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    These are beautiful places and I am sure my kids will really enjoy visiting and exploring them. Thanks for sharing!

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